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Close up of female hands using laptop computer, indoors.
924754670 | 00:06
Over the Shoulder Shot of Woman's Hands Typing on a Green Mock-up Screen of the Laptop. In the Background Cozy Living Room with Man Resting on a Sofa. In Slow Motion.
1048707664 | 00:09
Using chroma key screen laptop computer
1053036470 | 00:29
Using Laptop with Green screen
1069613272 | 00:35
Freelance working with laptop with green screen monitor
975515430 | 00:11
Laptop with Green Screen
1070729470 | 00:27
Laptop Computer Showing Green Chroma Key Screen Stands on a Desk in the Living Room. In the Background Cozy Living Room in the Evening with Warm Lights on. Zoom In Shot.
1074176068 | 00:15
Man Sitting at His Desk Works on a Laptop with Green Chroma Key Screen. Late at Night in His Living Room Man Uses Notebook Computer. Side View Zooming on Screen.
1074178198 | 00:12
Young Woman at Home Sitting on a Couch Works on a Laptop Computer with Green Mock-up Screen. Girl Using Computer, Browsing through Internet, Watching Content, Chatting in Social Networks with Friends.
1082326164 | 00:11
Young Man and Woman at Home Using Green Mock-up Screen Laptop Computer While Sitting on Couch in Living Room. A Couple in Love Talking and Doing Internet Shopping. Zoom out Back View Camera Shot.
1082357924 | 00:08
Close-up of a Man's Hands Working on Green Screen on a Laptop. In Background Blurred and Brightly Lit Office where One Man Approaches the Other and They Have Discussion.
636503024 | 00:16
Time to spend some money
965522978 | 00:05
A man using a laptop with a green screen
963921940 | 00:29
Woman using on laptop with green screen
986871292 | 00:34
Close-up Hand Using Laptop with Green screen
986891764 | 00:31
Woman using green screen at Home
986892826 | 00:13
Close-up Shot of the Office Desk with Green Mock-up Screen Personal Computer Standing on it. Modern Stylish Room with a Big City Business District View.
1006538230 | 00:14
4k video computer laptop show green screen views for social marketing and business uses on wooden desk with a little tree decoration in modern office workplace.
1015658584 | 00:20
Creative manager work. Business concept. Confident young man on his laptop PC with chroma key green screen
1023026576 | 00:12
Zoom in on a Modern Laptop with Green Mock-up Screen Display Standing on the Desk of the Cozy Living Room.
1034811304 | 00:09
Man Uses Laptop with Green Mock-up Screen While Sitting at the Desk in His Cozy Living Room.
1034813658 | 00:11
Man Uses Laptop with Green Mock-up Screen While Sitting at the Desk in His Cozy Living Room.
1034812156 | 00:11
Close-up of a Man Uses Laptop with Green Mock-up Screen While Sitting at the Desk in His Cozy Living Room.
1034823338 | 00:11
Rear View Of Brother And Sister Lying On Sofa At Home Using Laptop Computer
1046363590 | 00:07
Laptop With Green Screen Rotate On White Background.
1062498234 | 00:07
Business person Looking on Laptop green screen
1069603378 | 00:29
Couple Asian using Computer green screen
1076745148 | 00:39
Office shot of green screened laptop screen on desk,Dolly shot
1022669656 | 00:12
Woman using Laptop with Blank Display Chroma key
1093615352 | 00:26
Businessman Working on a Laptop with Green Screen on. In the Background His Colleague Working on a Tablet Computer. Office is Modern and Bright.
640953500 | 00:11
Dolly:Using Computer Laptop With Green Screen
874735032 | 00:15
Female Office Worker at Her Desk Works on a Laptop with Mock-up Green Screen. Over the Shoulder Footage. She sits at the Wooden Desk in Creative Office.
891391876 | 00:11
Woman looking at laptop with green screen
879166138 | 00:10
Woman Using a Phone with a Green Screen
1003246676 | 00:23
Camera zooms to Laptop (notebook) screen.
673847504 | 00:36
Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet
477621153 | 00:30
Laptop with blank screen isolated on dark background.
1069748142 | 00:09
Teenagers are opening their computers and waiting for the test results.
1092030518 | 00:16
Woman Typing On Laptop Keyboard,Close-up
813059012 | 00:09
Cheerful mixed race girl typing on laptop computer for sharing social media sitting in bed at home
873179718 | 00:20
Young designer on video conference in his home office
641396052 | 00:29
Senior couple on the couch at home using a laptop computer
1071230192 | 00:29
Businessman using laptop computer in new office
1085386112 | 00:11
Young woman is making payment holding bank card and working with laptop sitting on bed at home. Buying things online, internet and modern technology concept.
1024552282 | 00:12
Successful Businesswoman Working on a Laptop in Her Modern Office. Stylish Beautiful Woman Doing Important Job. In the Window Big City Business District View.
1006571752 | 00:13
Women uses laptop keyboard and finishes her job by closing the lid
1068956760 | 00:16
Happy young Hispanic man smiles while using computer in coffee shop
839624680 | 00:13
Happy businessman using laptop and relaxing on office chair
1076495386 | 00:13
A cozy leisure time
1055432560 | 00:21
Man working on laptop at pier on lake
1058580904 | 00:25
Woman using Laptop at night in Cafe
984431436 | 00:40
Concentrate on the work and get productive
1058746372 | 00:05
Portrait of the Focused Female CEO Working on a Laptop. Happy Successful Businesswoman Doing Her Important Business Job Beautifully.
1033779776 | 00:08
Young Asian woman working on laptop sitting at Airport
1091367546 | 00:45
Dedicated African student learning at night
1043864464 | 00:18
Young woman is using laptop shopping online typing and looking at screen while adorable puppy is lying near her on bed in modern apartment. Internet and youth concept.
988230354 | 00:17
No queues for me, I shop online
1027153068 | 00:26
Female hands typing on laptop keyboard, woman working in airport hall, studying
1036249104 | 00:15
Woman working at home with laptop.
1047564608 | 00:14
Woman using a computer
617471584 | 00:20
Busy Woman Working in Dark Office
1006346824 | 00:12
DS African business man giving a presentation in a glass conference room
1036906810 | 00:35
Smart Young Girl In Her Bedroom at night
1038617908 | 00:17
Typing On Laptop Keyboard
869584204 | 00:15
Attractive Successful Businesswoman Working on a Laptop in Her Office with Cityscape View Window. Strong Independend Female CEO Runs Business Company.
1033776892 | 00:12
Businesswoman using laptop and smart phone
1085386132 | 00:22
DS Business people listening to their Asian colleague holding a presentation in the glass conference room
1036743030 | 00:16
Businessman Is Finishing Work And Packing His Briefcase
1084323986 | 00:22
Creative man working in his modern home office
641397564 | 00:18
Black female creative working at an office looking very focused using her laptop
931384886 | 00:10
woman eye looking monitor, surfing Internet
498926500 | 00:18
Young woman hand using laptop
986302242 | 00:19
Using laptop high angle view
1007739292 | 00:19
A woman's hands working and typing on laptop keyboard on wooden table and closing when finish using it
1005806230 | 00:15
Confident Businesswoman Sitting at Her Desk and Working on a Laptop in Her Modern Office. Stylish Beautiful Woman Doing Important Job. In the Window Big City Business District View.
1006600700 | 00:15
Businesswoman using Laptop at Airport
1010212464 | 00:29
Stressed middle eastern man working at computer
1059231716 | 00:20
DS Young man working on his laptop in the library
500830466 | 00:29
businessman with laptop drinking coffee at office
1018642280 | 00:13

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