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바이러스 예방(84)

Woman Wash her hands with alcohol, Slow motion
1210188525 | 00:51
Little boys washing hands thoroughly
1210525650 | 00:14
Slow motion Washing Hands by using alcohol gel , man using alcohol gel clean wash hand antiviral bacteria and avoid infections
1211805853 | 00:08
Man using liquid gel hand sanitiser to clean his hands
1212139677 | 00:29
Mother wearing medical face mask for daughter
1206546419 | 00:12
Woman feeling sick and wearing mask.
1202895050 | 00:07
woman presenting a hand flu mask.
1202896783 | 00:13
Little boys wearing gas masks going to school
1206705830 | 00:20
Mother wearing medical face mask for daughter
1206558937 | 00:10
Child protect yourself from the China coronavirus with masks
1207035158 | 00:18
Bottom side view of exhausted brunette woman in protective mask standing outdoors. Close-up of young Caucasian girl taking safety measures against Covid-19. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.
1206050869 | 00:08
Asian men wearing a mask to prevent the virus from Coronavirus, Covid-19 in Bangkok, Thailand.
1208858717 | 00:22
Young woman is coughing, feeling unwell, sick with wearing a medical blue face mask over the gray background.
1208158494 | 00:21
Protect And Care
1209498879 | 00:09
Mature businessman with mask using digital tablet at work
1208823091 | 00:08
Little Asian girl wearing flu and virus protection mask, the concept for an air filter and virus prevention, select focus shallow depth of fiel
1202508370 | 00:10
TV reporter wearing a mask
1210489571 | 00:20
Girl against the wall yellow stripes and caution label, clothes medical flu mask
1207646002 | 00:10
The glove-wearer has a message to stop the Coronavirus
1210420576 | 00:09
Little boys washing hands thoroughly
1210415501 | 00:17
Little boys washing hands thoroughly
1210411814 | 00:13
Protection against flu viruses
1210480514 | 00:11
Coronavirus concept: Child in surgical mask. Protection agaist pandemic bacteria outbreak in wuhan. Portrait shot of ill sad boy. Agaisnt spreading virus concept
1209401043 | 00:13
Asian Young Woman Wearing Mask
1209582079 | 00:07
Washing hands to prevent spread of Covid-19 Novel CoronaVirus as well as cold, flu, bacteria, viruses and other disease
1210775983 | 00:28
Young man wearing protective mask at chroma key. Bearded man in medical mask.
1209885607 | 00:12
Virus. Cat in a protective gauze bandage from viral diseases.
1210078645 | 00:15
Virus. A woman is wearing a protective mask from the virus.
1210102707 | 00:10
Doctor holding test tube blood covid-19 in the lab
1210094040 | 00:23
Woman Lying In Bed Suffering With Cold
1211644073 | 00:05
Woman Lying In Bed Suffering With Cold
1211642371 | 00:12
SLO MO Litter girl riding her mother's back for her mother wear medical face mask to protect germ during walking on the public park
1211909244 | 00:20
Woman coughing in the street with protective mask
1210616942 | 00:08
young woman wearing protective mask against coronavirus
1209440986 | 00:14
female scientist looking for a cure for coronavirus
1209444757 | 00:08
Time lapse crowd people wearing face mask for protect Coronavirus in Bangkok.
1210621821 | 00:11
checking negative result of blood test for coronavirus, covid-19, sars-cov-2
1210378283 | 00:15
brunette in a protective medical mask
1209933595 | 00:10
medical mask falls next to a blister pack of green capsules on a blue bright wooden table
1210936592 | 00:06
Hygienist show us how used antibacterial cream and how to get it properly in all corners. Doctor washes her hands and then uses an antibacterial cream. Defense against coronavirus. Catch the disease. Get rid of the bacteria. Pandemic. Panic
1212114729 | 00:24
woman wearing protection mask standing in exhibition and be congested with virus infection,coronavirus infection in city and everybody wearing protection mask,Health care concept
1211260915 | 00:11
Asian family using mask for virus protection, Asian mother wearing face mask to chinese girl for outbreak Wuhan coronavirus, Covid 19, Slow motion shot
1211664731 | 00:33
Hand put on table Mask Medical Protection with letters nCoV. Close up.
1211624153 | 00:09
Happy Asian family using mask for virus protection, Asian mother and daughter wearing face mask together for outbreak Wuhan Coronavirus, Covid 19, Slow motion shot
1211670367 | 00:14
Hand of people that applying alcohol gel make cleaning and clear germ bacteria
1211804956 | 00:11
Blonde woman in protective mask  with disinfection gel
1211861562 | 00:11
Blonde woman in protective mask  with disinfection gel
1211859830 | 00:08
Executive wearing mask talking on phone in the street
1211922647 | 00:14
Asian woman opens the faucet to wash her hands in the sink
1211950020 | 00:10
Virologist healthcare professional analyzing blood test sample in lab tubes
1211579753 | 00:08
Portrait Of Asian Woman With Mask
1211899075 | 00:16
woman protect yourself from the  COVID-19 with masks in metro
1211915261 | 00:18
woman protect yourself from the  COVID-19 with masks in metro
1211895499 | 00:15
Surgical Mask | Face mask | glove
1211908896 | 00:09
Surgical Mask | Face mask | stacking
1211908959 | 00:09
Woman Washing Her Hands In Bathroom Sink
1211529501 | 00:24
Man Washing His Hands In A Sink
1211858914 | 00:24
Man Using Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
1211928993 | 00:12
Disinfection of surfaces in the house
1212083476 | 00:19
Disinfection of surfaces in the house
1212084140 | 00:13
Lab scientist looking Coronavirus blood sample in laboratory, forward dolly shot
1212058806 | 00:21
The man with medical face mask stands in the middle of city space. time lapse
1203905723 | 00:05
The woman with medical face mask stands in the crowded street. time lapse
1203872156 | 00:11
Woman Wearing protective Face Mask and talking on smartphone.Concept of coronavirus quarantine
1210560976 | 00:19
ill caucasian woman putting on protective medical mask black background
1212063425 | 00:08
Woman washing her hands with soap at a bathroom sink to clean and prevent bacteria and virus, healthy concept
1212549117 | 00:46
ill caucasian woman coughing then putting on medical mask black background
1212063130 | 00:09
ill asian man coughing with medical mask on against black background
1212060948 | 00:06
Sad quarantined senior with face mask
1211962339 | 00:10
Women show us how to wash your hands correctly. Special hygienologist represents proper hand washing against bacteria and dirt. Dangerous pandemic of Covid-19. Defense against coronavirus. Wash your hands.
1212115526 | 00:09
Protective sterile face masks | glove
1212138514 | 00:06
Coronavirus COVID 19 test novel corona virus
1212225549 | 00:16
A man sneezing is covid-19 spreading on green screen
1211958552 | 00:13
A man sneezing is covid-19 spreading on green screen
1211955559 | 00:12
Slow Motion: Doctor in Protective Suit Measuring Coronavirus Patient's Blood Pressure - Close Up Tilting Shot
1211889767 | 00:14
Washing hand with alcohol slow motion
1212153263 | 00:21
Coronavirus infection in the world - stop panic
1212169997 | 00:30
Portrait of a young student woman wearing protective mask on street.Concept of health and safety life, N1H1 coronavirus, virus protection.
1212188470 | 00:16
Portrait of a young tourist woman wearing protective mask on street crowd people. the concept health and safety, Covid-19 coronavirus, virus protection.
1212188690 | 00:10
Washing hands
1210204331 | 00:14

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