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Portrait of young female welder
915776408 | 00:16
Microphone in hand singer on stage. Close-up.
891885962 | 00:06
Young female vocalist give a concert on a stage.
902390442 | 00:06
Singer with microphone on a black smoky background. Singer sings a song on stage in the dark, smoke, purple light
1128901399 | 00:08
Portrait of male senior nurse/doctor
1219568072 | 00:07
Protect And Care
1209498879 | 00:09
Delivering service with a smile as always
813935426 | 00:15
She can help
1131366915 | 00:10
Your solution is a click away
1155378324 | 00:10
Tourist with Map in city
927659858 | 00:45
Young Climbers Rock Climbing
1124859299 | 00:10
Group of friends looking for guidance with the smartphone help visiting Tokyo
1152861535 | 00:08
Woman basketball coach on training
1130933637 | 00:19
Soccer coach explaining the line up on board while talking strategies
1163762819 | 00:12
Coach teaching controls of handwheel to racer
1129377406 | 00:26
Car mechanic working in garage
924126458 | 00:28
Hands on the Piano
185676075 | 00:09
Female Videographer Edits and Cuts Footage and Sound on Her Personal Computer. Her Office is Modern and Creative Loft Studio.
840778180 | 00:12
Beautiful Brunette Female Designer Works with Mobile App Interface on Her Personal Computer with Big Display. She Works in a Cool Office Loft.
1155589071 | 00:10
Woman designer working at a laptop with a graphics tablet.
700235354 | 00:05
Black female creative working at an office looking very focused using her laptop
931384886 | 00:10
Young caucasian female worker mentor helping male african american intern
1162005337 | 00:17
Aerial Top Down Drone Shot of Big Busy Corporate Office with Tow Rows off Businessmen and Businesswomen Working on Desktop Computers. Bright Open Space Office with Businesspeople and Salespeople
1141733304 | 00:17
Male Surgeon With Protective Glasses And Head Light Putting On Mask In Hospital Operating Theater
1205714680 | 00:16
TV reporter wearing a mask
1210489076 | 00:12
Helpful old female teacher mentor teach intern student with laptop
1172551575 | 00:11
Portrait of male and female medical team standing in modern hospital building - shot in slow motion
1179857618 | 00:13
Portrait of a young woman working in a street market
1170931103 | 00:09
Successful businessman with arms up celebrating his victory. Celebrating success. Low angle view of excited young businessman keeping arms raised and expressing positivity while stands on the stage in the background of the hall
1157900267 | 00:17
Chefs Cooking Mexican Cuisine Wearing Masks and Gloves at Work During Covid-19 Lockdown
1223042464 | 00:27
Coronavirus disinfection
1214740630 | 00:08
Coworkers with protective face masks using computer in bank office
1226954893 | 00:24
Focused indian woman distance teacher online tutor conferencing on laptop
1180677607 | 00:14
Portrait of young business man owner with face mask at supermarket
1219448605 | 00:08
Slow Motion Shot of a Male Oilfield Worker Putting on a Drilling Pipe Thread Protector Cap with a Derrick Behind Him at an Oil and Gas Drilling Pad Site
1219295627 | 00:23
Indian female coach communicating with woman client by webcam
1219790607 | 00:28
Success and trust go hand in hand
1171426838 | 00:07
Home Food Delivery
1217424679 | 00:21
Business people greeting during COVID-19 pandemic, elbow bump
1220519933 | 00:07
Beautiful cheerful manager of a supermarket smiling at camera with arms crossed
1157210976 | 00:06
CS Male engineer supervising the work process of the industrial robots in the factory
804870356 | 00:17
Business Owner Opening After Quarantine
1219428996 | 00:13
Close-up portrait of smiling female professional
1149218113 | 00:24
Confident young industrial worker portrait, wearing mask, close up. Slowmotion, Asian male, overalls, helmets. Industrial and manufactory concept.
1207590591 | 00:10
Portrait of young business man owner with face mask at bakery
1219448887 | 00:09
Portrait of young handsome businessman at seminar
1161129531 | 00:15
Serious african businessman wear headset conference calling by webcam
1206713374 | 00:05
Managing site demands with digital tech
1171367739 | 00:08
Portrait of woman wearing face mask using digital tablet - working in warehouse / industry
1218024380 | 00:10

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