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마스크 필수착용!(31)

young woman cleaning and disinfect virus before using laptop
1227201983 | 00:13
Pandemic control measures in Hospital entrance
1253833339 | 00:19
Mature Female Paramedic Preparing Senior Patient Inside Ambulance
1274720411 | 00:27
Medical worker putting a bandage after covid-19 vaccination
1299155316 | 00:10
Waitress Wearing PPE During Covid-19 Pandemic Serves Drink to Masked Customer
1263022185 | 00:23
Charity organisation  Collecting Food Donations In Warehouse in Time of Pandemic
1283710056 | 00:18
Young Women Shopping with Face Mask on for Protection
1280400491 | 00:20
4K Video: Doctor vaccinating girl. Injecting COVID-19 vaccine into patient's arm
1292618276 | 00:28
Waitress with a mask disinfects the table at restaurant.
1269164118 | 00:13
Family leaving home during the COVID-19 pandemic
1232918105 | 00:18
An Asian woman in a casual dress is pulling the mask off her face and smiling at the camera. Conveys the improved situation of COVID-19 People began to smile again.
1262363168 | 00:07
an asian chinese small business owner with face mask and protective gloves hand over the dessert to her customer at kitchen counter smiling looking at camera
1227606228 | 00:12
woman dresses in a protective face gauze bandage on an airplane. Trying to put on a mask on a child. He resists. Protection against corona virus, respiratory infections flu. Fighting covid 19
1206170810 | 00:42
Woman scientist Touching the touch screen. A blood test with computer equipment.
1271002648 | 00:15
young business woman using laptop and discussing business with her colleague working with face masks in the office during COVID-19 pandemic
1269998497 | 00:09
Grocery store worker doing checkout for customer
1255430088 | 00:09
Group of teenagers posing showing their protective face masks
1227531603 | 00:26
An asian chinese female supermarket retailer shop assistant cashier scanning vegetable for the pricing during checkout at counter
1266141376 | 00:23
Two friends wearing protective face mask sitting in a office table.
1250305374 | 00:11
Delivery man working during covid-19 outbreak
1269044128 | 00:22
Waiter Wearing PPE During Covid-19 Pandemic Bringing Food to Customers on Patio
1263022120 | 00:22
Parents with elementary school students going to school with face masks
1271180535 | 00:12
Healthcare workers support each other after a long day at ICU
1257166947 | 00:08
Medical Team Rolling Senior Male Patient into ICU
1257160990 | 00:19
Business people having a video conference in office boardroom
1264361375 | 00:10
Man in mask coronavirus 2019-ncov. Corona virus covid-19. Environment pollution.
1220457657 | 00:05
Businessman with protective face mask working at his desk
1264419354 | 00:05
Business people back to work in the new normal post pandemic
1264418816 | 00:07
Business Man at Airport Walk. Respiratory Protective Mask on Face. Coronavirus.
1218070387 | 00:13
City street. Europe infected corona virus 2019 ncov. European man. Mask covid-19
1218070471 | 00:18
Masked People Metro. Coronavirus. Corona Virus. Covid-19. 2019-ncov. SARS-CoV-2.
1218070344 | 00:08

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