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건축 (주제)(63)

Architects Team defining the design details with Blueprint and Architectural Model, Directly Above
695448882 | 00:42
Time-lapse of Cloud Shadows on a Building Exterior
815082160 | 00:07
Window with curtains
1017986638 | 00:15
TU Architect checking the virtual model on computer
485740482 | 00:29
Architecture construction futuristic building. Office buildings
1045993740 | 00:17
Abstract Beautiful Building Process of Skyscraper Blueprint Grid Seamless. Looped 3d Animation of Growing Construction Progress Modern Building in Lines Structure.
1171765357 | 00:12
Modern  kitchen project evolution
1140128599 | 00:16
4k: Modern Ceiling Of a Airport Terminal
988526508 | 00:06
3D architecture abstract
146113602 | 00:26
business, people, architecture and team work concept - close up of architects team with blueprint, smartphones and tablet pc computers sitting at table in office
498510508 | 00:25
Office Tower Reflection. Time lapse.
473055817 | 00:15
milan city sunny day famous downtown living buildings slow motion panorama 4k italy
1084185176 | 00:15
Late at Night Team of Design Engineers Work on a Project. They Work on a Illuminated Conference Table with Documents, Blueprints and Laptop on it.
640962130 | 00:10
Aerial Modern office building at night
1178194600 | 00:08
Businesspeople in Lobby of Modern Business Center
803933750 | 00:12
Late at Night in the Engineering Bureau Female Designer Works on a Personal Computer that Shows Blueprints of Her Project. In the Background Her Colleagues Working.
640964810 | 00:13
Modern luxury bedroom and living area with wooden and marble texture 3d rendering
1220487170 | 00:20
Digital City
965715542 | 00:29
Abstract White slicing wavy background. Minimalism concept. 3D illustration rendering. 4K motion graphic footage video
1269350199 | 00:10
Flying Through Data Structures (Blue) - Loop
1038104474 | 00:17
Glass structure
517136566 | 00:10
Circle round spot at Lok Wah South Estate in hong kong
1130213431 | 00:24
Engineers Team Working On A Blueprint Plan, Slow motion
869352972 | 00:39
Architectural Abstracts
501651685 | 00:14
Exterior Wall of a Grey Building and Sky
1066895046 | 00:06
Architectural Drawing changed 3D house interior.
643893980 | 00:11
Abstract architecture
1168636141 | 00:19
Abstract architecture
1015375486 | 00:11
Shadow On Wall
1174624086 | 00:09
Opening gates with shine, computer generated. 3d rendering of automatic sliding doors, abstract background
1220812232 | 00:20
Abstract Apartments Building Process with Furniture on White Background. Last Turn is Loop-able. Looped 3d Animation of Rotating Blueprint. Construction Business Concept.
1161409647 | 00:19
Abstract 3D Wavy Lines
1032490076 | 00:10
Best Tall Building Worldwide
627345512 | 00:11
Modern Architecture Interior With Glass Ceiling and Lights
1084773588 | 00:13
Abstract architecture and shadows
1160783606 | 00:21
Black Metallic Architecture Fassade of Futuristic Skyscraper 3D Rendered Video Animation.
1002992636 | 00:15
Architecture Blueprint
542926134 | 00:20
new modern scandinavian loft apartment. 3d rendering
1083716996 | 00:16
Architectural Abstract of Modern Office Building - Time Lapse
1253338546 | 00:16
Amazing architecture at parking building.
1180063800 | 00:35
Architecture Blueprint
542926132 | 00:20
Animation of a modern cubic house with pool and garden in the evening
1287400561 | 00:25
Timelapse - reflection of moving white clouds in glass wall of modern skyscraper
1176861435 | 00:05
Construction drawings go in perspective. Loop
457336374 | 00:18
The metal dome of the building
1180172600 | 00:29
Modern skyscrapers in business district against blue sky
1049647444 | 00:14
Architect man holding pencil working with laptop and blueprints for architectural plan, engineer sketching a construction project concept.
1031789722 | 00:21
Real Estate Project Construction Site with Architectural Engineer, Investor and Worker Finish Industrial Building Development by Using 3D VFX Graphics. Futuristic Concept of Buildings Development
1273352492 | 00:08
Architectural hall with the camera moving forward. Slow walking on the stone interior. Seamless 3D loop animation.
1176700193 | 00:16
TU Female architect working on a virtual model
485740850 | 00:29
Apartment buildings in Berlin, Germany
1251268370 | 00:11
Architects team brainstorming the design solutions with Architect Model
943132758 | 00:20
Time lapse of a blue summer sky with clouds reflecting off the glass facade of an office building
1278580981 | 00:30
Flying through the futuristic white tunnel. Abstract 3D animation. The concept of illuminated corridor, interior design, spaceship, science, lab, technology, science, architecture, industry
1295072333 | 00:14
Abstract white circles waving, pattern of circles with the effect of displacement.
1284409990 | 00:10
Futuristic Architectural Engineer Wearing Augmented Reality Headset, Uses Gestures to Create 3D Graphics VFX Model of a Building with Infographics. In Background Construction Site in Progress
1273353411 | 00:11
Man Made Structure Objects for New Life Peoples. Project for Presentation Created from Ecological Material. Person Create for Exhibition a Sample Figure of Calm Living Space. Close-up shot on Table
1212691194 | 00:08
Architect and Engineer have Discussion, Use Augmented Reality Smartphone to Design Sustainable 3D Megalopolis City Model. Futuristic Office with Architectural Designers. Graphical Animation VFX
1266911590 | 00:10
T/L HA TD Group of People Walking on Stairs at Night
1070580916 | 00:12
Interior View Of Beautiful Kitchen With Island Counter In New Family House
1221819525 | 00:23
Aerial Drone Footage with VFX Concept: Building Construction Site Becomes Finished Project with 3D Graphics Animation Effects. Visualization, Digitalization of Design, Development of Futuristic City
1273359651 | 00:14
White hexagonal tunnel, modern architecture, 3d rendering.
1218308366 | 00:10
The Vertical Forest, two residential towers in Milan, Italy. Steadicam shot
1247703879 | 00:11

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